SwimASong Structure

Swimini do not charge for awards and we have recently made the award scheme ‘home and family friendly’. We recognise that certificates and pieces of paper get lost around the house, so you will be delighted to know that we’ve created a ‘magnet’ style award to host in your home! In line with ASA guidelines, our awards respect these standards and our hierarchy and groupings work towards ASA swim pathway attainment levels.

The main concept of Swim a Song™ is to teach children how to swim through "song and rhyme" within fun adult and child swimming session.
All of our courses are structured around a simple three stage plan in various swim programmes:

  • Stage 1: Introduction to Water
  • Stage 2: Confidence & Independence
  • Stage 3: Development Movement & Water Skills

Swiming Programmes

Paddler & SwimStart

Aimed at pre-school aged children without previous experience within Swim4Strokes or equivilant school (Aimed at Pre-School aged children).


Aimed at experienced pre-schoolers gained within previous groups at Swim4Strokes or equivilant ability - willing to go solo! (Aimed at Pre-School aged children).


Aimed at advanced pre-schoolers who can swim 3 - 5 m (Aimed at Pre-School aged children).


Efficient in one recognisable stroke, introduction to other strokes in their legal form, guided discovery in aquatic disciplines.


Aimed at progressing swimmers from Swim*, efficient in two recognisable strokes, developmental stroke drills and practice in all strokes.


Aimed at progressing swimmers from Swim** efficient in three recognisable strokes, introduction to other aquatic disciplines.


Aimed at swimmers proficient in all four swimming strokes, an understanding of all areas of aquatic sport, diving, syncro, water polo, water safety and swimming.


Progressing skills from Swim****, these sessions develop further technique and coaching for those children who would like to further their swimming ability, without joining a Swim Team or Club. We highlight this section for any budding triathletes, biathletes or cross training.